Bringing the Tech Community Together

After looking at the site Made In New York Digital Map for the first time, I decided to go ahead and build something for Austin, TX, after all, we are a city with a great entrepreneurial scene, filled with tech startups and with a technical talent pool that startups in Silicon Valley and other cities would die for. The goal of this project is to map all tech startups (and larger tech companies), all co-working spaces, accelerators/incubators, angel investors and VCs and tech meetups in the city of Austin, and if it all works as intended, the plan is to do the same in other cities. There are many other projects out there mapping startups, that is OK, the idea of a map displaying all tech startups is just what our landing page is but it is not what TheTechMap is. Our landing page showing the tech startup map is just a way to show and help people find startups within a city. Our main goal is to become the number one community for tech startups, founders, talented engineers and designers to share ideas, find co-founders, find talented people to join their ventures and help each other whenever possible. We want to bring the tech community together.

What is it?

The Tech Map is a project today, most of the data in it has been entered manually by the startups themselves, with the exception of a few tech companies that we added ourselves. The tech map today uses Google maps API for the map itself, custom code for the map points and other icons, a list view that allows you to filter by type (startup, co-working space, investor, hiring), search and a profile page for each tech startup in the map which displays basic contact information, a small map showing the startup address, a label displaying whether the startup is hiring or not, number of employees, and a link to the startup website.


There might be some integration with third-party data sources in the future to accelerate the population of tech startups in the map, but we would prefer to keep growing it organically, and one way to do this is by making tech startup founders, investors, meetup organizers, co-working space owners, and YOU aware of this project so everyone helps to make of this map the most complete, accurate and relevant tech startup map out there, help us help you. Everyone benefits from the exposure, the larger and more relevant this project become, the more exposure the tech startups in it will get as well.

How you can help

There is still a LOT of work to do with this project, this is just the beginning and what you see today at is what we call our minimum viable product (MVP), it isn’t near to where we would like this project to be but what’s important is that it is out there, it is live and all we need to do now is keep working hard to make it a valuable resource to many people who might be looking to work at a startup, invest in a startup, get a clue about the tech startup scene in a city, find co-working spaces in a city, etc… and more importantly, bring tech people together, create a community, the possibilities are endless.

We need your help, if you are in a city other than Austin, TX and you would like to be part of this project please contact us:

  • we are looking for people who are passionate about startups and communities in all cities in the United States and around the world.
  • we are looking for people who would like to participate as curators of a version of TheTechMap in their cities, people who are doers and want to help their local tech and startup community grow.
  • we are looking for people who are active participants in their local entrepreneurial ecosystem, if that is who you are, please apply to become a curator here.

If you want to help but don’t have time to be a curator, consider helping by spreading the word out, it would help a lot. This is a 100% bootstrap operation and so far we have been able to cover all the expenses ourselves.


Why is TheTechMap a good idea? why are we doing it? what’s in it for us? In the past few years one of our co-founders (Ricardo Sanchez) became more involved with Austin’s local startup scene and in 2010 he created the Co-Founders Austin Meetup with the help of Alain Raynaud. Alain helped Ricardo to get this meetup off the ground by helping him spread the word about it, giving him a list of the food and drinks he needed to buy, and coming all the way from San Francisco to host the first meeting so Ricardo could see how the meetup was supposed to work, for that Ricardo is very grateful with Alain – Thanks Alain! This meetup group which now has over 1,150 members is a great way for tech startups, developers and designers to get to know each other better, show-off their products, network, etc… TheTechMap, is basically the Austin Co-Founders Meetup 2.0.

With the TheTechMap, we want to bring everyone involved with tech close together, we want to create the best tech startup community, a place where people can find a co-founder, a job or find technical talent to help them get their startup off the ground is a very cool feeling.

With TheTechMap there are lots of potential to become something big and if we are able to get reliable data that it is up to date and useful to many people, then I will consider it a win. What’s in it for us, we are not sure. We know that there is something in there for us other than the great satisfaction of building a great community, another reason we are doing it is because we enjoy it, we want to help others and we sincerely believe that eventually we will get some great value of all of this, today is all about bringing the tech community together.

Come join the tech community today.


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