Here is the invitation about the Google and the City of Austin announcement

There has been a lot of rumors from a local Austin TV station and even from tech publications such as TechCrunch and VentureBeat about this announcement, they are all saying and even confirming that the announcement is about bringing Google Fiber to Austin… maybe, but we don’t know so we’ll wait until this Tuesday to confirm it. We got an invitation (and feel very honored about it) to attend this announcement from Google and the City of Austin this Tuesday April 9th. We’ll be tweeting as soon as we find out what it is – follow us if you are interested in finding out about this and we’ll let you know as soon as the actual announcement is delivered from Google and the City of Austin on Tuesday.

Here is the invitation which does not include any details about the news:

Google and city of Austin

If Google is in fact bringing Google Fiber to the City of Austin it will confirm the fact that Austin is a growing city with lots of potential and with a growing tech and startup community, and offering their service to the city will be a smart move from Google. If it is something else, it will likely be exciting news nonetheless so stay tuned and stay positive!

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