Mayor Leffingwell announces Google Fiber is coming to Austin, TX

Austin’s Mayor Lee Leffingwell (pictured below) announced this morning that Google Fiber is coming to Austin in 2014. The news were given minutes ago at the Brazos Hall in Downtown Austin, TX

“There is one particular resource need that we’ve heard loud and clear and can help make our city more innovative and make it stronger”

Mayor Leffingwell said. He is, of course, referring to high-speed internet, and the fact that Austin is already a major hub for technology, music, and education, and this will “turbo charge” our future, in the words of Laura Morrison, a councilperson also speaking at the event.

Want to know more? make sure you sign-up to Google’s Fiber Austin page to receive all updated and information about Google Fiber in Austin.

View Google’s official announcement here.

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Google Fiber in Austin

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