Austin, Let’s hack together with AngelHack!


A hackathon is like the Olympics for geeks, it is the thing we have trained for, it is what bring us all together and out of our dark caves to code away and build something amazing in just a few days. Normal people consider this crazy, we think is awesome! We owe it to AngelHack and Damon Clinkscales for bringing this cool hackathon event to Austin, kudos to them!

I have participated in many hackathons, some are very competitive and some others are about collaboration, working together with other developers for a good cause. The last hackathon I participated was in San Francisco back in March of this year during Jason Calacanis’ Launch Festival, it was a great experience and it was also part of Hundreds of developers attended this hackathon, teams ranged from 2 – 5 people and everyone was literally heads down coding for hours, and getting up just to go to the restroom, eat something quick or just walk around to stretch a bit. My team consisted of Buster Collings and myself and our project was RowUno wich was my partner’s idea and we were in the top 20 according to the judges. Also, we received great feedback and advice from some investors but not money! It was like the saying, ask for money and you get advice, ask for advice and you’ll get money.

hackathon participants

Here is the cool stuff, by participating at this AngelHack’s global hackathon competition, you can win $100,000’s in prizes, hack your way into AngelHack’s accelerator program, get flown out to Silicon Valley, pitch the Valley’s top investors, and ALL that for just winning the hackathon! Awesome!

Also, there are tons of support to all participants, for example:

  • 100’s of amazing developers & designers for you to work with
  • Immediate attention and opportunity for your project to get accelerated
  • Tech Media to run stories on winning teams
  • An awesome community of mentors and expert judges
  • And all those amazing prizes we mentioned above!

What should you build? anything that is in your mind, if you are interested in this hackathon chances are you have plenty of ideas to work on, and if you don’t that is OK too, you can sign up as a developer or designer looking to join a participating group! 

One more thing… as a community partner we were given a 50% off discount we can offer to all of you, ain’t that great! so here it is, the discount code is “techmap” or better yet, here is a link you can use to register at the discounted rate:

Get ready, get caffeinated, and be ready to hack together!

Be part of the tech map, a great community of geeks and creatives! join us here.



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