Top Tech and Startup Events August 5 – 9, 2013

We wanted to be the first to tell you that Co-Founders Austin has partnered with Lean Startup Machine for their 3 day workshop, September 27th-29th at Capital Factory.  It will be an event filled with amazing mentors and speakers such as Joshua Baer, Jason Cohen, Erica Douglass, Josh Kerr, and so many more.
This workshop will have you turning your idea into a company with paying customers in just 3 days!

We are offering all our members a 10% discount of the price of a ticket.  Just enter “ATX2013” as your promotional code.  Register today as the tickets will sell out.
We look forward to seeing you all there!

We also would like to share with you our slow but steady member growth, last month we had 118 techmap members and this month we are up to 158! that is almost a 40% growth from last month. Exciting times are ahead of us, we are collecting meaningful data to help you find a co-founder, a partner, a developer, etc… and we are sure that this will help all of you to connect with other talented folks in your city, let’s bring the community together.

Remember to add your event to our calendar if you want to see it listed here, this just another way to promote your event and it is 100% free. Also, if you are not from Austin, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding events or news from your city, The TechMap is slowly moving onto other cities and we already have hundred of startups and personal profiles from other cities and countries. We’ll be sharing more details about this soon.

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Due to a legal loss in the U.K. in a court case involving British Sky Broadcasting Group, Microsoft will have to change the name of its SkyDrive file storage/sharing service.

It’s another bummer for the company since SkyDrive is a cornerstone of Windows 8 and Windows 8, in case you haven’t heard, has been a struggle.

Microsoft will probably spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) on a new name and branding, but because I am incredibly kind, I’m willing to do it for just the price of my usual hourly American-Statesman wage rate. That’s right, Microsoft, you get my consultation for free!


 Home > Technology Digital Savant Posted: 4:01 p.m. Wednesday, July 31, 2013 Microsoft's SkyDrive name should be changed to...

The Austin, Texas, Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority will launch a new fleet of high-tech buses next year that will give them priority when passing through an intersection.The 40-bus fleet called MetroRapid will be rolling out on two of Austin’s public bus routes next spring. Each red and gray bus will be equipped with traffic signal priority capability. The GPS technology communicates with the city’s traffic signal management system so when a bus approaches a green traffic light, that light will remain green for an additional seven seconds so the bus can pass through without stopping, according to the authority’s Vice President and CIO Joe Iannello.Link

SXSW 2014 will attract over 50,000 registrants for its conferences, trade shows and festivals this March 7-16. Creative professionals of every stripe from over 64 nations will meet each other to share ideas and together experience the sensory overload attendant to SXSW.

Maximize your experience at SXSW by registering and making your hotel reservations early through our website.

SXSW is a one of a kind event which is a platform for discovering and launching the newest and most innovative projects in the creative content industries. SXSW’s motto “Tomorrow Happens Here” is demonstrably proven year after year.


SXSW 2014 Open For Business

I’m fascinated by Kickstarters that start out with ambitious, six figure goals. Unlike IndieGoGo, which lets you keep whatever money you raise, Kickstarter only pays out if you meet or exceed your goal. According to Kickstarter’s own stats, the majority of successful campaigns have modest $1,000 goals. In fact, only 685 Kickstarters have ever raised $100,000. You need to have a lot of confidence in your customers to assume they’ll make number 686.

I can’t tell whether Minicore Studios has that kind of confidence or is just using their Kickstarter campaign as an advertising platform. They’re asking for $100,000 to complete their 2D platformer game Laika Believes so they can finish up the art and sound as well as ensure it’s simultaneously released on PC, Mac, Linux and X-Box at launch.


Laike Believes

Summer’s end is nearing and college freshmen are preparing to report to their prospective campus, and others are contemplating returning to school for retaining. For those who have not yet decided on a major, a serious look at a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) course of study and career is highly recommended.

Currently, many STEM jobs are going unfilled because there is an extreme shortage of qualified, educated, and trained candidates. As per the United States Department of Labor (DOL), within the next decade, employment opportunities in STEM careers will increase by 10%.

With $14 billion invested in workforce skills, DOL through its Employment and Training Administration is an important stakeholder. DOL’s is working to help alleviate this critical shortage by supporting innovation and growth of this field within other government industries and the education communities.


Technical assessment platform provider, TrueAbility™, today announced that it has closed a $2 million Series A round from Austin Ventures. Also participating in the round is Cloud Power Seed Fund 2013. Previous seed investors include Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) Chairman, Graham Weston and co-founders, Patrick Condon and Dirk Elmendorf.

TrueAbility will use the investment to expand its platform technology, AbilityScreen®, into new vertical skill sets, increase customer acquisition activities, and add key hires in development, marketing, recruiting and HR channel relations.

“With this funding, we will be able to move forward on building out, delivering, and scaling AbilityScreen assessments for the most needed cloud technology roles,” stated Luke Owen, Co-founder and CEO. “Based on feedback from initial customers and employers, we have a specific roadmap to follow over the next eighteen months that pairs with the most critical and in-demand projected technology hiring needs.”


TrueAbility Raises $2M from Austin Ventures

Famigo, a company providing safer experiences for children on mobile devices, today announced it has formed a strategic partnership with Mobile MUM, a provider of premium video content and educational apps for kids. Collectively, with the assistance of the developer community, Famigo can now ensure families, telecom carriers and OEMs have access to the newest child appropriate content available for mobile devices.

“Our partnership with Mobile MUM, as well as our continued focus on collaborating with the developer community, are important steps toward our goal of acquiring the widest variety of premium mobile content available for children”

Under the partnership, Famigo-approved premium content is now available for children to stream and enjoy using the Mobile MUM player on smart phones and tablets. New programs include: ‘Dino Dan,’ ‘Cat in the Hat,’ ‘Sid the Science Kid,’ ‘The Wiggles,’ ‘Mighty Machines,’ Jim Henson’s ‘Pajanimals’ and more.



Want to know about the future of home automation?
Then check out WigWag, an Austin-based startup that has created a home automation system based on smart sensors.
The sensors can adjust lighting depending on the time of day and automatically start the coffee pot in the morning or turn up and down the thermostat.
“WigWag lets you build intelligent environments anywhere with Internet-connected sensors and devices by letting you graphically write rules, “When” [this] happens “Then” do [that],” according to the company’s Kickstarter campaign. “No complicated programming languages or computers necessary, rules are easily built on smartphones and tablets. The more WigWag and third party devices in your account, the more you can do!”



Austin-based SolarWinds announced Monday that the software company plans to repurchase up to $50 million worth of its common stock.
“This share repurchase reflects the confidence of our management team and board of directors in the long term growth strategy that we have laid out and are executing on for SolarWinds,” Kevin Thompson, the company’s President and CEO, said in a news statement.


Historically speaking, law is a tangled mess of arcane language wrapped around a maze of pitfalls and risk, and lawyers were the only ones who could safely wield it. But a new Austin startup wants to change that., founded by Chris Murphy and Bradley Clark, a couple of entrepreneurs who are both attorneys and IT guys, is a law crowdsource website. Users can get free legal documents as they can on other sites, but instead of just blank forms, the documents will be explained by commentary about what they mean and how to use them from lawyers and other experts.


Chris Murphy,

It’s no secret that men far surpass the number of women, especially in leadership positions, in the science, technology, engineering and math fields, known as STEM.
“The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that by 2020 there will be more than 1.4 million computing-related job openings,” according to a “Girls in IT: The Facts” report by the National Center for Women & Information Technology. “At current rates, however, we can only fill about 30% of those jobs with U.S. computing bachelor’s grads. Girls represent a valuable, mostly untapped talent pool.”
So what’s the solution?
Reaching girls when they are young and encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM fields.


VentureLab Launches Girl Startup