What we have been up-to lately – August 2013 edition

SXSW PanelpickerLots of new things are happening at TheTechMap. Our Co-founders Austin event is about to breach the 1,500 members threshold. The largest startup event in the big tech areas have about 2,000 members, so in comparison to that, this is really huge. It is a lot of work to put this all together, and we are doing it out of enthusiasm in parallel to our day jobs, maximizing our time between making an income, family, and promoting entrepreneurship.

We have started a new campaign to bring you a wider footprint: first, we are most excited about that we have been invited to apply to SXSW 2014 (March 7th through 16th here in Austin). This is a big honor as there was a reachout to some selected organizations in Austin and we were included. But we still have to show community support. 30% of the decision is crowdsourced, and we need your vote.

Please help us to make SXSW 2014 Co-founders event happen by giving us a thumbs up: http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/25100

Furthermore, we started to reach out to partners worldwide. Our vision is to give you an international footprint of meetup networks, to checkout co-founders, talent, and investors. We are building a network of one strong meetup group with similar philosophy in each tech center.

Specifically, we want to strengthen our relationship with investors. You have seen many Texas angels, and even some representative of the VC community, on our past events. Coming up, we will not just give you the opportunity to pitch your idea to the crowd of the evening, but we want to follow up after the pitch and help you to be more than a flash in the passing to investors. We want to follow your story and keep investors informed. Stay tuned.

Finally, we rely on sponsorships and volunteers. If you want to be part of TheTechMap family, please write us at team@thetechmap.com. If you feel generous, you can always donate or become an official sponsor.

— For TheTechMap – Stefan


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