November Co-Founder Meetup in Austin Texas

Keynote:  Joseph Kopser is the CEO and Co-Founder of RideScout. Watch our keynote speaker 

Joseph Kopser sqProblem, Idea, Passion

Watching Joseph speak, you could see how these three words resonate with him.  And for entrepreneurs, we all have the same driving force behind all our great ideas.

RideScout was born out of that, his need to solve his problem getting to/from work in a highly congested metro area.  While he was building an awesome product to help his needs, he needed to stop and remember that he was also building RideScout for everyone else.  The business, co-founder, and team members all came out of conversations where it wasn’t the end goal of finding them.  He credits the Co-Founder meetup as well as other networking events where he continued to always talk about RideScout to anyone that would listen.

Cash, Customer, Commitment – Joseph’s formula for success.  The key is to have Commitment and one other and the third will fall into place if it doesn’t right away.

A few of my favorite quotes:

  • 200 Investor, 400 Elevator Pitches, 1000’s of Conversations:  You have to put in the time.
  • After that first pitch came the first question and you would have thought I was a hog looking at a wristwatch when they asked it:  Knowing your business inside out, be ready for anything, be open to anything that might come your way.
  • If you can’t explain in under 7 words, keep figuring it out:  We have the attention span of gnats…choose words wisely.
  • Mercedes Benz/Daimler was us but a German accent:  You never know where a partnership can form.
  • NO:  Non-stop drive and determination = Success
    Watch Joseph presentation here. 

Cingo | Kobus Marneweck – Watch my Pitch |

“The Help Desk for the Mobile Generation”

We’ve all had the run in with phone customer service where you would rather do anything else (anything!) than wait…

Cingo has started over from the ground up.  Forgetting everything we know about the process, in comes Cingo – “The Help Desk for the Mobile Generation”.  Businesses now have a mobile application solution to the 20th-century phone support.

Using the app, consumers can follow prompts and make a customer service request as well as pick a date/time the customer is free to wrap up the problem.  On the company’s end, a representative already researches your account and needs prior to the call.  All of this with the end goal to create an efficient system for both the consumer and business.

Earnsy | Jim Irish – Watch my Pitch |

Having 6 kids, it’s fitting that Jim Irish is the founder of Earnsy.

E-commerce and the ‘Buy Now’ mentality have taken over, but there is a $1.1 trillion gap on the table where ‘Wants & Wish List’ roam the world.  Earnsy works to solve this gap.  Providing a platform for someone to earn points (which turn into dollars) allows them to work towards the stuff they want.

A child is always going to want something, so why not make them work for it.  Earnsy empowers kids to learn the value of earning something and the value of goals.  It also allows parents and their network to get things done.

Lendemout | Suman Poluri – Watch my Pitch|

We all have that one things to complete that one project.  We even convinced ourselves that we would use that one thing more than once…  Would it be a bad thing is someone else used it?  Now, turn that one time use item into a rental item for your friends, family, and neighbors.

With a free to post platform of Lendemout, now that one time use item can be used by others.  Their built in messenger system provides documentation to the transaction.  With no limits to what you can rent out, what do you have laying around that can make its money back.  Their built in messenger system provides documentation to the transaction.

Laelaps | Rocky Holland – Watch my Pitch|

“It’s all about the Dog”

Hunting dogs love nothing more than to be out hunting.  They will take off into the woods only to return when tired, hungry, or lonely.  The hunters themselves like to seek out remote areas where our normal means of technology and communication don’t work.

Laelaps solves the problem through their VHF radio, Bluetooth, and mobile app.  The hunter and dog each have a transponder.

The hunting dog has been trained and groomed as well as becoming a loving companion.  Keeping an eye on your hunter while they are out puts an owner at ease.

Autocode | Chris Tate – Watch my Pitch |

Autocode is bringing full stack development to a web-based platform/browser.  It works seamless with GitHub and allows you to write code that writes code.  The platforms runs every aspect of coding from the back-end to the front-end and is with you to help along the entire process.

Looking to create to Photoshop of code, it brings all languages under one roof.  Allow Autocode to start offering certain automation tools to build a website, app, or anything requiring multiple code languages.


Many thanks to our keynote and all the great companies pitching in November!  Those participants, as well as the great crowd, keep the energy level of entrepreneurship in the Austin area strong.  See you all at the next event.

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  1. Hi Jason- I really like the format of this article and being able to learn more about the November meetup! Have a great Thanksgiving! Donna

    Jason Freshly posted: “Keynote: Joseph Kopser is the CEO and Co-Founder of RideScout. Watch our keynote speaker Problem, Idea, Passion Watching Joseph speak, you could see how these three words resonate with him. And for entrepreneurs, we all have the same driving force be”


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