Which App is Draining Your Android Battery?

android_appAuthor: Gemma Church

When first installing an app to your Android phone, it won’t be immediately obvious how much power it plans to take away. AVG did a study in which they collected data from more than one million Android app users to identify which apps to avoid. After a bit of research, there’s a good chance that a few of these apps are to blame for your low battery light:

Amazon Shopping
You may assume this app only saps your battery power when you’re shopping, but Amazon Shopping operates constantly in the background, guzzling battery juice whether you use it or not. It’s also not as compatible with Android as some other comparable apps, which means even normal usage puts a strain on your battery.

BBC News
BBC News is a convenient way to keep in touch with both world and local news in one place. However, it’s also a real battery drainer. One way to get around the problem is to delete the app and set up a link to the BBC site on your homepage.


The Facebook Android app has had quite a chequered past with regards to its impact on battery life – so much so that Facebook’s chief product officer, Chris Cox, forced his staff to swap their iPhones for Android devices until the issues were resolved. Unfortunately, the problems have remained, as some claim that their Android device saves up to 20% battery when the app is uninstalled. You could try swapping the Facebook app for another application called Metal, which acts as a wrapper for Facebook’s mobile site.

Netflix is a favorite, but it eats up your battery in no time, mainly due to the demands it places on your Android’s screen. Try reducing your screen’s light levels to reduce the drain on your device’s battery.

Even if you aren’t checking your emails every five seconds, the Outlook app has a high email sync frequency that eats up your battery in quick time. If you can manage without this power-sapper, then ditch it and use the standard Android email app to get hold of your emails.

Snapchat is a quick, easy and fun way to communicate, but it quickly eats its way through your memory and battery life. You can prevent this by enabling “travel mode” in the app’s settings or turning the “background app refresh” settings off.

If the identity of any of these battery-killers surprised you, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of checking your apps regularly. Go to Settings and Mobile Data, and you’ll get a clear picture of which apps are doing the damage.


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